Looking for a fun idea for a get together with your girlfriends?  How about a VIP Shopping Experience at Room 152!

It’s the perfect way to enjoy a night out with friends while shopping, sipping a bubbly beverage and having fun!

Want to try on luxury and designer pieces just for fun? Or how about a date night outfit?  Maybe you want some semi-private time to FINALLY find that perfect pair of jeans. Our VIP shopping experience is designed just for you and your friends to enjoy having the shop all to yourselves.

We love playing dress up at Room 152. And we love to give our honest opinions. Our customers are basically our girlfriends and we’d love to help you find that knock-em-dead look.

On that note, did you know that our own Deb (from Room 152’s Shop Talk IGTV series) is a Certified Image Consultant? It’s true. She doesn’t like to toot that horn, but she is certified through FSI (Fashion Style Institute) in California. She has studied fashion history, elements and principles as well as how to style all body types. She'd be happy to help you shop for new pieces that will make a big impact to your existing wardrobe.

Deb, Morgan and I (Trina, your friendly proprietress) would love to host you and your closest friends while you enjoy an evening full of fun and fashion.

A VIP Shopping Experience with us means:

 • You enjoy a personalized, hands-on way to shop by having a private "dress me" party with us along with expertise and advice from Deb.

 • We will get information from you before-hand about what types of pieces you and your friends may be looking for, what sizes, brands, etc.

 • We will unveil the newest products before the public gets their paws on them!

 • Plus, you and your guests will receive 10% off while shopping the night of your party!

 • We can finish off the night with photos and a little runway video of you and your friends, if you'd like!

 How it works:

1.  Email us at to set up a date.  Please have 3 - 10 (confirmed) friends in your group.

2.  Once your request is received, we'll message you with more info, confirm the date and get some basic info about what sizes and brands you and your guests would like to see.

3.  There is a $20 service fee per person.

4.  We will provide basic refreshments (cookies and bubbles).

5.  Show up and have fun!

  • ⤍Please check the brands we carry.

    ⤍Less than 20 items per drop off.

    ⤍Keep it seasonal!

    ⤍No hangers, please.

    ⤍We accept consignment items on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday during regular business hours. No appointment necessary.

    ⤍It can take up to two weeks for us to process and log your items.

    ⤍If we pass on something during processing, we ask that you pick it up within 14 days or consider donating to our annual charity yard sale.

  • ⤍If we pass on an item, it is a business decision not personal! We know what is selling and how to price it.

    ⤍Once your items are logged, you will receive an email with an itemized inventory list, your check-in date and if any items were passed on. Please check your junk mail!

    ⤍The consignment period is approximately 2 months and at the end of the consignment period, unsold items are removed from the floor.

  • ⤍We ask that you check in at any time during your consignment period using our online check-in form. This informs us on how you would like to receive payment and if you will be donating or picking up any unsold items.

    ⤍Once you’ve checked in, please keep in mind, any items not picked up within 14 days of the end of the consignment period will be donated to our annual charity yard sale.

Thank you for consigning with Room 152!