Annual Charity Yard Sale Event

Each year, Room 152 hosts a yard sale where donated clothing, shoes & bags sell for $2 a piece and 100% of the proceeds go to a local charity.  In 2023, $6750.00 was raised for Alice House here in downtown Dartmouth.

There’s nothing better than cleaning out your closet!  All brands are accepted for this event and feel free to drop off donations at Room 152 at any time.

For consigners, the option to donate unsold consignment items can be specified during the check-in process or when you are dropping off your items to be considered for consignment.

Consignment returns that are left with us longer than 14 days after notification has been sent, will automatically be donated to our charity sale.  Our space is limited and with our consigner numbers growing on a daily basis, we unfortunately do not have the room to store unsold or passed on items for longer than 2 weeks.  If you need more time to pick up items you’d like back, please email and let us know the date you will be picking up.

  • ⤍Please check the brands we carry.

    ⤍Less than 20 items per drop off.

    ⤍Keep it seasonal!

    ⤍No hangers, please.

    ⤍We accept consignment items on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday during regular business hours. No appointment necessary.

    ⤍It can take up to two weeks for us to process and log your items.

    ⤍If we pass on something during processing, we ask that you pick it up within 14 days or consider donating to our annual charity yard sale.

  • ⤍If we pass on an item, it is a business decision not personal! We know what is selling and how to price it.

    ⤍Once your items are logged, you will receive an email with an itemized inventory list, your check-in date and if any items were passed on. Please check your junk mail!

    ⤍The consignment period is approximately 2 months and at the end of the consignment period, unsold items are removed from the floor.

  • ⤍We ask that you check in at any time during your consignment period using our online check-in form. This informs us on how you would like to receive payment and if you will be donating or picking up any unsold items.

    ⤍Once you’ve checked in, please keep in mind, any items not picked up within 14 days of the end of the consignment period will be donated to our annual charity yard sale.

Thank you for consigning with Room 152!